Thank you Casten Body Shop

A few weeks ago, after we had that major blizzard, we were rear-ended and luckily no one was hurt.  Oddly enough we both had the same insurance company, Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance, whom I love!  They took care of handling all the claims plus got us in touch with Casten Body Auto Shop.  The people there took care of our issue and was very prompt and very communicative through the whole process.  So far the car looks great, we got it back all nice and clean, plus they also gave us a goodie bag!  A+ Casten Body Shop!!!  Keep up the excellent work!  How many auto body shops do you know out there that would do something so thoughtful such as this?  KUDOS!  Show them your love and follow them on Facebook ~ I did!

Goodie Bag from Casten’s

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  1. I had a similar experience with both Casten and Liberty Mutual – though LM wasn’t my insurance company and I wasn’t even at fault over that accident. This is a friendly, no nonsense, fairly priced shop that does a great job. Nice to have them based at LZ!

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